Thursday, November 11, 2010

Expert Resumes for Baby Boomers

Expert Resumes for Baby BoomersMore than 100 professionally written sample resumes and strategies for people aged 40 to 65 facing career crossroads.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers: Perceptions, Principles, Practices & Predictions

Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers: Perceptions, Principles, Practices & PredictionsBy 2010, 30 percent of the U.S. population will be over age 50. Even today, the over-50 segment has $750 billion in spending power and controls a majority of the nation's assets. The generation's front-runners are Leading-Edge Baby Boomers, founders of modern youth culture and then yuppie materialism. This essential marketing guide presents stimulating chapters that will show you:

-- Critical "bipolar metavalues" that influence the buying behavior of Leading-Edge Baby Boomers.

-- Select the right advertising media to achieve your marketing goals

-- LOHAS: a new lifestyle segment that's changing everything

-- How to plan and organize "bandwagon" Boomer events and promotions

-- Exceptional opportunities for reaching Boomers through the Internet.

Price: $27.50

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home Plans for Baby Boomers: Master Suites on the Main Floor

Home Plans for Baby Boomers: Master Suites on the Main Floor
Creative Homeowner's new title in its tremendously successful home plan series, Home Plans for Baby Boomers offers readers over 300 best-selling designs featuring main-level master suites. The book's subtitle pretty much sums up what it's about: Finding the "me" in Boomer; Master Suites on the Main Floor; Right-Sizing to Fit Your Lifestyle. Over 200 gorgeous, full-color photographs allow readers to experience homes actually built from the designs, plus some stunning interior images. Virtually every home style is offered, including farmhouses, country cottages, contemporaries, luxury estates, vacation retreats, and regional specialties. In addition to these designs, Home Plans for Baby Boomers offers practical tips and advice on everything from selecting a site and hiring a contractor to adding finishing touches.
Price: $12.95

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Baby Boomer Baby Book: A Record of Milestones, Millstones & Gallstones

My Baby Boomer Baby Book: A Record of Milestones, Millstones & GallstonesCongratulations, baby boomers: You are now officially all middle-aged. It’s a book of firsts: My first colonoscopy, my first reading glasses. A book of vital statistics, including married name(s), circumference of abdomen, cholesterol count (HDL and LDL), and home state (Red or Blue). It’s a place to keep track of primary care givers—herbalist, psychopharmacologist. Record favorite expressions—I’m having a senior moment. Dressing on the side, please. 60 is the new 50. Keep track of “What I’ve Grown,” from liver spots to knee flaps. There’s also a place for a lock of hair (if you can spare it) along with the Seven Stages of Hair Loss (men: from minoxidil to shaves head; women: from plucks grey hairs to dyes it champagne blond). Plus essays—“Am I Smiling or Is It Gas,” and “I Go to School,” a parody of Adult Ed classes.

Price: $13.95

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Baby Boomer Commandments - 6 Golden Rules They Stuck To

The baby boom generation marks a group of nearly 20 years where the birth rate rose dramatically and over 77 million babies were born. Since then, the birth rate has returned to normal, but the influx of people into society was astronomical. The baby boom generation has been an important part of the American culture. They have defined many of the current beliefs, became law makers and politicians and have served this country.

However those born between 1946 and 1967 haven't always been given the best monikers. They have been considered self-righteous and self-indulgent being the complete opposites of their parents who sacrificed to make their way in the world.

Baby boomers have fought against the negative stereotypes. Baby boomers lived through a time that was vastly different than any other. They saw pointless wars being fought, destroying lives and family. They fought to relieve their families of poverty while trying to gain education to create a better lifestyle.

The ideals of this generation created The Boomer's Six Commandment. These rules defined what the baby boomer generation was about and how they lived. Most of those born during this era followed these ideals, but not all. Every generation is defined by the circumstances and experiences they have to deal with. Think about everything that happened in those years: Vietnam War, Civil Right Movement and the Energy Crisis.

1. Be trendy and hip. Some think a major problem with the baby boomers is not being able to grow up. This is seen in a variety of ways. There are those who try to reverse the aging problem, which will never put plastic surgeons out of business. Baby boomers sometimes get frozen in their own era, dressing and acting like they have for 20 years. However, there are other baby boomers that move on with the fashion times, wearing and exemplifying what it means to be cool.

2. Being relevant is important, so accept the changes. Everything moves on and even the baby boomers couldn't keep the culture stagnant. They learned wisely that it is more important to accept the culture that is changing around them rather than fight it. This can be seen through many different ideals of the baby boomers.

3. Be an individual. There were so many children born in that time period that it is easy to lump everyone into one category. However, the baby boomers won't allow that. Being an individual is just as important as supporting the greater good. The baby boomers lived through a time of enormous change and have created radical movements that have transformed this country.

4. Create a new history. What happened in the past doesn't seem to matter to baby boomers. Everything they did was done for the first time, at least that is what they all want you to believe. Baby boomers view their generation as a milestone creator leaving no room for any previous generation to have a significant importance. Occasions that happened in the past are just that - history - and have no place their lives.

5. Don't be a sell out. If you become a sell out, you will lose your baby boomer card. Just because they are living the American dream as white, middle-class folks doesn't mean that is what they feel deep down in their heart. They will always be revolutionaries who are willing to change a generation at the drop of a hat.

6. Always question authority. Baby boomers had a difficult time of trusting anyone older than them. It meant they wouldn't listen to cops, priests or their parents. This was the care-free generation who couldn't trust anyone, just each other. Baby boomers didn't follow the rules, they made the rules. They weren't going to be told how to live their lives.

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Baby Boomer Business Ideas - How to Turn Their Massive Buying Power Into Your Profits

Looking for baby boomer business ideas? The key to success is to recognize the needs and problems of this generation, and to build a business that will meet their needs or solve their problems.

Baby Boomer Business Ideas, Define The Needs

This generation, born between 1946 and 1964, is entering into retirement at incredible rates. Unfortunately, for many the current economic crisis has put a damper on their plans for the future. Retirement funds have been severely jeopardized, and what was supposed to be a carefree, joyous time in their lives has become a time of stress and worry.
This is a sandwich generation in that many baby boomers are caring for their own children while at the same time caring for their aging parents.
For many baby boomers health is a major concern. As they age, they refuse to give in to being old. Their health and fitness is extremely valuable to them, and they seek out baby boomer products that will help them to look and feel their best.

Baby Boomer Business Ideas, Solve The Problems

Although many baby boomers are in need of extra income, the unemployment rate is skyrocketing. Fortunately, there are many baby boomer business ideas that can be capitalized on by this group. Home based businesses that use the network marketing distribution model have become commonplace, and offer flexibility and great income potential. Since baby boomers health is of major importance to them, the health and wellness industry is a great market for them to get into. Whether you're a boomer or not, you can start a home business in the health and wellness industry, and help boomers to earn an extra income through joining you in business.
Any business that offers services that offer solutions to the issue of parental care will be of great value to the baby boomers. As the boomers continue to age, the value of these type of services will continue to rise. Possible ideas include day care, home visits, shopping and cleaning services, and transportation.
To baby boomers health and fitness are top priorities. They detest the idea of aging, and will do almost anything to ward off the aging process. An entire new industry, coined the wellness industry, has been created to meet these needs. Of all the baby boomer products, those that appeal the most to this generation offer health and wellness benefits.

Baby Boomer Business Ideas, Conclusion

Although the economy may seem to be in disrepair, there are many options available to those who are willing to think outside of the box. The traditional methods of working for a company that will be loyal to its employees are gone, as are many jobs. For those who are open to opportunities, there are many incredible opportunities, and over the next decade there will be millions of new millionaires created. Of these, many will make their fortunes by identifying the needs of the baby boomers and creating baby boomer products or services that will help this aging generation.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Aging Baby Boomer Products - 8 Benefits of the Baby Boomer Peel

A diagrammatic sectional view of the skin (mag...Image via Wikipedia
The baby boomer generation, those born between 1946 and 1964, now make up an estimated 80 million people in the United States. Boomers grew up in an era when terms like sun protection factor, free radicals and antioxidants were non-existent. Now, many are facing the damaging effects of sun exposure, environmental toxins and stress as well as the effects of fast paced lifestyle choices. Fortunately, because we are now living in a time of significant advancements in skin care, baby boomers can substantially reverse these detrimental aging effects.
Top in youth-oriented treatments and products is the Baby Boomer Peel, specially formulated for the specific challenges faced by those between the ages of 43 and 63. If you are looking for aging baby boomers products, here are 8 benefits of the Baby Boomer Peel:
No Surgery or Downtime
By using safe, superficial chemical peels specially formulated for baby boomers, you may not have to resort to plastic surgery which is not only expensive but requires extensive healing time. With a peel, baby boomers will look younger, feel younger and live younger without surgery.
Exfoliation is the key to youthful skin. Peels formulated for baby boomers gently lift away layers of dead, damaged skin cells to reveal fresher, softer skin with fewer lines and smaller pores.
Skin Stimulation
This peel will also stimulate the skin, encouraging new, healthy cells to travel upward to reveal moist, pink, renewed skin. In addition, increased blood flow from the stimulation also brings needed nutrients to the skin.
Diminished Crow's Feet and Lines around the Mouth
A major benefit of the Baby Boomer Peel is how easily the fine lines and crow's feet diminish with proper treatment.

More Even Skin Tone
Baby Boomer Peels even skin tone, lessening sun and age spots and creating a younger, smoother and more refined texture.
Increased Circulation
Increased circulation due to the peels brings vitality to tiny blood vessels responsible for tissue respiration, which brings more oxygen to the skin.
Firmer Skin
By using a peel specially formulated for baby boomers, slackened tissue becomes firmer and more toned, which is especially important for the jowl and neck areas.
Stronger Skin
Baby boomer peels also strengthen skin tissue, allowing the skin to take on a healthier, more youthful glow.
By utilizing natural ingredients partnered with scientifically developed compounds, baby boomer peels can turn back the hands of time, undoing years of damage from the sun and other sources. Aggressive peeling may occur in the first week and the appearance of the skin will continue to improve for the next few weeks, resulting in fewer fine lines and skin discolorations as well as a reduction in pore size. Offered in a range of specific peelings, baby boomer peels are especially geared for the boomer generation to refresh, revitalize, renew and protect the skin.

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