Sunday, September 26, 2010

1960 Time Capsule - Fun 50th Birthday Gift Package

1960 Time Capsule - Fun 50th Birthday Gift PackageA Wellhaven exclusive, the 1960 Time Capsule is a unique and entertaining 50th birthday gift for baby boomers.

Display it at a 50th birthday party to keep everyone guessing what's inside. It contains several entertaining retro items.

1960 Trivia deck of playing cards
An authentic Slinky, Jr.
an authentic Fifteen Puzzle
An old-school style report card with a twist - read it
A mood ring
A bag of marbles
A retro-design booklet and a magnet of 1960 facts and figures
A variety of nostalgic candy
Each item in the 1960 Time Capsule has a clever meaning for the person celebrating his/her 50th birthday. Be sure to read the whimsical card inside the time capsule.

Product Info
Size: 13 inches tall x 3 inches in diameter
Other: This item contains sugar-based nostalgic candy.
Note: Once opened, this item cannot be returned.


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